Pride Membership

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15% off drinks. 15% off tickets. 15% off merch.

Free & priority door entry.

Your own Members-Exclusive Pride of our Footscray medallion*.

$50 bar tab in your birthday week*.

Only $250 a year or $25 a month!

Great for you & helpful to Pride!

*Birthday bar tab and members medallion available for annual memberships only

Multiple payment options.

Reach out to Mat in the bar or give him a call.

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BSB 033-049 AC 652203

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A word from Pride's CEO Mat on memberships

Membership of a great club is something many of us understand so well (#GoDoggies), providing a collective sense of belonging, connections & benefits. Memberships for Pride go back to the earliest days of planning the project as far back as 2016. Many of us involved would journey to a local Bowls Club on a Sunday morning for $5 pancakes with prize draws for their members throughout the day.

And so when we opened in 2018, Pride memberships were something we wanted to become a reality. One of our favourite regulars who’s been involved with many community organisations eventually bailed me up one day and kindly demanded we hurry up with memberships. So we did! 

It started well, with about 20 Rainbow Members and 30 Pride Members joining us in 2020, showing their support for Pride as a venue & what I believe to be a vibrant & vital community hub. It’s true, when you become a Pride member you make a statement as to what kind of world you want to live in & what community you want to be part of. Pride’s fun and fair ethos is a vision for now and the future.

So, to the many of you who have signed up, purchased merch, bought a ticket to an event, shared a chat & a beer with me or the team, thank you.

To be detailed but clear, below is what you will be supporting and acknowledging on becoming a Pride Member:

Pride of our Footscray Community Bar is a proudly LGBTIQA+ friendly venue famous for its fabulous entertainment, friendly staff and extraordinary mix of crowd. Pride is jointly owned by a community of 200 part-owners and prides itself on paying all staff “on the books”, including award wages and superannuation. Pride also pays all artists and performers quickly and fairly. Pride is signed up to WorkCover, OneMusic, Public Liability insurance and exceeds all security requirements of its Liquor Licence. 

Running Pride with fairness at its centre takes considerable support and resources. Your annual membership of Pride, whilst providing you with great benefits, goes a long way to ensuring Pride can lead the way as a Community Bar in every sense. 

Wholeheartedly; fun, fairness, diversity and acceptance is what you say ‘yes’ to when you become a Pride member.

Thank you,